Santa Baby

Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight

I love primitive folk art.  Vintage or  recently crafted, I find the rudimentary elements of a piece extremely charming.   

These four Jolly fellas were created by me about 10 years ago. 

One day when I was antique shopping I came across four vintage Santa chocolate molds.  I decided to buy the molds and use them to create my Santa's.  The molds are a perfect for Paper Mache' Clay.  

The clay takes about one week to dry.  After the drying period they are painted, antiqued and sprayed with matte varnished to seal the pieces.  I then brushed white glue in specific areas and added the Icy Flake Diamond Dust.

Have you ever created any special holiday decorations?  If so, what have you crafted?  I would love to read all about it. 


  1. So charming!
    I used to do ornaments every single year. That was until I started making jewelry!

    One thing that I made every year since I was 12 (and have never made one for myself!) is a package wreath. My crafty Aunt Charlotte made these back in the 70s. I made my first one when I was 12 for my 7th grade teacher (can you say brown noser?). It consists of tiny boxes (think paper clips, staples and raisins!) each individually wrapped and piled on a styro wreath form. Back when I started we SEWED the boxes to the form and used a lot of hat pins and Elmer's glue. When hot glue guns came out it was like a miracle! I would get a request to make one a year and I would save boxes and every scrap of paper and trim imaginable. It was quite a production and each was unique. And I made certain that there were NO TWO PACKAGES alike on any wreath. I guess that is where my crazy one of a kind idea was born! Thanks for sharing this wonderful holiday decoration with us!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Totally cute - and I got my copy of the Belle Armoire today - your pieces are awesome! Happy weekend Stefanie

  3. Love them, have a nice day, Inge

  4. My little boy and I are going to glitter up some stuff tomorrow!

  5. Very cute work, and now this time It's special for all of us, nice thinking to post it for all. Thanks. china suppliers


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