Antique Tuesday

Georgian Mourning Jewelry

Each week I pick an interesting piece of antique jewelry from Adin Fine Antique Jewelry to share with you.  This week I am featuring this precious and highly emotional Georgian mourning ring.  

Circa 1792- Retail Value $4,532

Georgian Period spans between 1714 and 1837.  During this time there was great political upheaval during the reigns of four English Kings named George.  Mourning jewelry was common during this period.  People often made jewelry with a lock of hair from a loved one.

 We have seen the names and dates on tombstones but they rarely move us.  This little ring is not the most impressive piece at first  glance but turn it over.  Read the engraving and suddenly you are transported to a tragic moment 200 years ago…the inscription in the ring reads: 

aged 4 Yrs
died 6 July
aged 4 Mo's
died 12 Dec

Then take a look at the top of the ring again and know that the hair used is from two little children from the same family who died in the same year, 1792. One child of 4 years old and then 5 months later the baby of only 4 months old…….. 

It is an old saying that one is really dead when one is out of people's mind; perhaps it is a warming thought that these children still aren't out of the people's mind yet, not even after 200 years. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post.  If you have a child please give them a hug in honor of these two little souls who passed away 218 years ago.


  1. Fabulous Post. I adore mourning jewelry and this is such a prrofound piece. Sweet and sad.

  2. wow--what an incredible piece. so sad though...

  3. Wow. That is a chilling piece of jewelry. I can see where the mother who lost these children wanted to carry on their spirit with these locks of hair so artfully arranged. Thank you for sharing such a touching piece! I wonder if that sort of thing will ever make a comeback....

    Enjoy the day, Denise!

  4. Very striking piece. Just wondering - was it a woman's ring or a man's?

  5. Is the ring like a little frame? I have never seen such a thing. It is breathtaking. What a beautiful way to remember a loved one.

  6. Hi Everyone -
    The ring size is 7 1/2 which seems rather large for a female of this time period. I am really not sure if the piece was made for a man or a woman.

    @Emerald Window - think of a bezel sitting on top of a ring. The hair is placed inside the bezel with the glass placed on top.

    Great questions!


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