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Pretty Palettes - July Reveal

For the month of July Erin Prais-Hintzhas picked this beautiful inspirational photo from Unsplashof a starry night.  Here in Southern California, we do not see many stars.  It is amazing that without the lights of the city, this is what the nighttime sky looks like. 

Unsplash - Ryan Hutton

Here are my Bead Gallery® bead choices for this months challenge.

Bead Gallery® rondelle sapphire iris 3x4mm
Bead Gallery® blue glass luster drop 4x6mm
Bead Gallery® black glass oval 5x3mm
Bead Gallery® jet 4mm round glass
Bead Gallery® purple iris glass 3mm
Bead Gallery® silver glass 3mm round faceted
Bead Gallery® rose glass rondelle 4x6mm
Bead Gallery® amethyst iris glass 6mm
Bead Gallery® purple glass iris rondelles

I decided to create bracelets for this project.  Did you know that the smaller beaded bracelets are trending?