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Pretty Palettes June Reveal

Pretty Palettes June Reveal 

Welcome to my Pretty Palettes June reveal.  This month Molly Schaller picked the photo below featuring a trade quilts book, a pop of turquoise and her eyeglass case.  I love how she found inspiration on a regular trip to her local library!

Here is the color palette developed from the photo above.

Up next we have my Bead Gallery® bead palette.  Some of these beads won't be in stores long, so be sure to pick up your strands today!

Bead Gallery® cream 6/0 glass beads Bead Gallery® red glass 6/0 glass beads Bead Gallery® aqua glass small mix Bead Gallery® black matt glass 4mm Bead Gallery® white Mother-of-Pearl 4mm rounds Bead Gallery® red chips dyed bamboo coral
My Native necklace is designed with the advanced beader in mind.  This necklace will take approximately 2 hours to create.

The Native bracelets are a beginner project with  wrapped loops.  If you are not proficient at wrapped loops, you can substitute simple loops.

The Native earrings are dazzling dangles wit…