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Pretty Palettes - February Reveal

Did you have a romantic Valentine's Day? This year it was all about doggie kisses for the Moore family.   We decided to rescue a 2 year old mixed breed dog named "Elvis".  He is the Valentine's gift that keeps on giving.  Below is a photo of my son Garrett with Elvis.  

Erin Prais-Hintzhas picked bobbin lace as our inspiration this month. Erin States that "Bobbin lace is also known as pillow lace because this method requires working with a pattern embedded in a stiff pillow with straight pins. The lacemaker weaves threads held on bobbins to the pattern that is pinned to the top of the pillow. This centuries old technique needs a firm pillow (originally filled with straw so the pins wouldn’t wobble), bobbins to hold the thread and weight them down, straight pins, thread and a pattern".  Click here for the "Pretty Palettes" inspiration blog post.

This month I was inspired by this amazing filigree bead cap that reminded me of lace.  I also wanted…