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Pretty Palettes Reveal - September 2017

Welcome to Pretty Palettes Reveal!  This month, Molly Schaller has chosen this scrumptious batch of yarns.

I absolutely love this color palette.

Here are the generated colors from the beautiful photo above.

Above are my Bead Gallery® bead choices for this challenge.

Bead Gallery® Purple Czech Glass 6mm faceted
Bead Gallery® Purple round 6mm glass
Bead Gallery® blue luster glass with tassel
Bead Gallery® freshwater pearls 8x9mm potato
Bead Gallery® light sapphire Czech glass faceted
Bead Gallery® aqua painted glass mix rounds
Bead Gallery® Czech green opaque faceted 6mm
Bead Gallery® Czech glass green 6mm
Bead Gallery® stain wood 8mm carved melons 

My first design for today is the Hindi Necklace. Believe it or not, this is a beginner necklace.  If you can form a simple knot and make a braid then you can create this design.

Next, we have the Hindi Bracelets.  I just love stretch bracelets!  Perfect for the beginning beader and you can mix/match them.

Lastly, we the Hindi Earrings.  These baubles have…