Pretty Palettes Reveal - October 2017

Welcome to my October Pretty Palettes Reveal!

This months inspiration was a glowing photo captured by  Molly Schaller.  

This was not an ordinary campfire, she fried donuts in her dutch oven. Oh how I would love to tasted one of these donuts! 

Here is color palette generated from the above photo.

Any of you who know me, understand my fear of orange and black.  When I create with these 2 colors I get a major design block.  I am always so afraid the necklace with look Halloweeny.  But hey, it is the month of October.....

Here are the Bead Gallery® beads that I selected.

Bead Gallery® Lilac glass small mix seed beads
Bead Gallery® black glass 6/0 E beads
Bead Gallery® small glass orange mix

Here is my "Spice Necklace" -

Next, we have the "Spice Bracelet" -

Lastly, here are the dainty "Spice Earrings" -

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Pretty Palettes Reveal - September 2017

Welcome to Pretty Palettes Reveal!  This month, Molly Schaller has chosen this scrumptious batch of yarns.

I absolutely love this color palette.

Here are the generated colors from the beautiful photo above.

Above are my Bead Gallery® bead choices for this challenge.

Bead Gallery® Purple Czech Glass 6mm faceted
Bead Gallery® Purple round 6mm glass
Bead Gallery® blue luster glass with tassel
Bead Gallery® freshwater pearls 8x9mm potato
Bead Gallery® light sapphire Czech glass faceted
Bead Gallery® aqua painted glass mix rounds
Bead Gallery® Czech green opaque faceted 6mm
Bead Gallery® Czech glass green 6mm
Bead Gallery® stain wood 8mm carved melons 

My first design for today is the Hindi Necklace. Believe it or not, this is a beginner necklace.  If you can form a simple knot and make a braid then you can create this design.

Next, we have the Hindi Bracelets.  I just love stretch bracelets!  Perfect for the beginning beader and you can mix/match them.

Lastly, we the Hindi Earrings.  These baubles have…

Pretty Palettes August Reveal

Welcome to my Pretty Palettes August Reveal!  This month Molly Schaller has selected a stunning bead palette from this beautiful photo of  Minnetrista Center, a museum, garden, and gathering place in Muncie, Indiana.

Here is our color palette generated from Molly's photo. 

I usually select my own beads for the Pretty Palette challenge but this month I decided to go with Molly's picks.

Bead Gallery® Beads found at your local Michaels Stores
Bead Gallery® 12mm rhodonite roundsBead Gallery® 8mm blue ceramic roundsBead Gallery® green coated seed beadsBead Gallery® 8mm turquoise Czech glass roundsBead Gallery® 7mm wooden square beadsBead Gallery® 6mm amber shell rondellesBead Gallery® large wooden rectanglesBead Gallery®6mm gold luster hematite faceted rounds
 My first design is the "Temperate Necklace".  If you are a beginning beader, you can create this necklace.  It is formed using simple knots, a simple loop and opening and closing a jump rings.

The "Temperate Bracelet…

Pretty Palettes July Reveal

Pretty Palettes July Reveal

 This month Molly Schaller was inspired by a Marimekko swimsuit that she purchased at Target last season. To find out more about Marimekko, a Finnish design company, visit Halcraft's July 2017 inspiration post.

Here is palette generated from this whimsical swimsuit -

My bead selection for this challenge are -
Bead Gallery® yellow glass 6/0 E seed beads
Bead Gallery® cobalt blue glass 6/0 E seed beads
Bead Gallery® turquoise glass 6/0 E seed beads
Bead Gallery® pink glass 6/0 E seed beads
Bead Gallery® red glass 6/0 E seed beads
Bead Gallery® synthetic Lapis stone 6mm beads
Bead Gallery® reconstituted Lapis stone 4mm 

Be sure to hurry to your local Michaels store if you are interested in purchasing these beads -  Supplies are limited.

The hues of this palette are so fun and colorful that I decided to create a playful design - The Fiesta Necklaces.

My next design is the Fiesta Bracelet

Lastly, we have the Fiesta Earrings

I hope you enjoyed my designs for this months Pr…

Pretty Palettes June Reveal

Pretty Palettes June Reveal 

Welcome to my Pretty Palettes June reveal.  This month Molly Schaller picked the photo below featuring a trade quilts book, a pop of turquoise and her eyeglass case.  I love how she found inspiration on a regular trip to her local library!

Here is the color palette developed from the photo above.

Up next we have my Bead Gallery® bead palette.  Some of these beads won't be in stores long, so be sure to pick up your strands today!

Bead Gallery® cream 6/0 glass beads Bead Gallery® red glass 6/0 glass beads Bead Gallery® aqua glass small mix Bead Gallery® black matt glass 4mm Bead Gallery® white Mother-of-Pearl 4mm rounds Bead Gallery® red chips dyed bamboo coral
My Native necklace is designed with the advanced beader in mind.  This necklace will take approximately 2 hours to create.

The Native bracelets are a beginner project with  wrapped loops.  If you are not proficient at wrapped loops, you can substitute simple loops.

The Native earrings are dazzling dangles wit…