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Bead Trends Magazine - May 2011

I am so excited that my friend Erin Strother made the cover of this month's Bead Trends Magazine!  Congratulations Erin!

I have one project in this issue.  It is called "Crush".

The design was crafted using Sari Silk, Vintaj Natural Brass, vintage glass stone and glass beads.

I love the romantic feel of this necklace.
On another note....... many of you might be wondering where the heck I have been.  I have to tell you it has been one horrible year for my family.  I am thinking of the worst and praying for the best.  I am having a hard time even meeting my magazine deadlines.  So, I have kinda let my blog go by the wayside.  I am sorry about that.  I guess I just need to pull it together!  Thanks to all my followers for not leaving me.