Goodies From Amanda Davie

What luck to have been partnered with Amanda Davie in my first "Bead Soup Blog Party."  When I received her package in the mail I  was absolutely thrilled.  I have learned that the participants in "Bead Soup" package their soup mixes with love and creativity.  My packaging skills need vast improvement.  It is something to aspire to at the next party.  Amanda's envelope arrived with bird stamps and a lovely handmade mailing label (why didn't I think of that?).

My bead soup was carefully packaged into a handmade quilted bag.  This bag is fabulous!  I love the colors, texture and the bird theme.  Although I have not quilted in a few years, the bag makes me want to break out my Bernina.

Wow, Amanda sent me hand dyed silk not knowing that I am really into designing with silk right now.

This next picture is Amanda's handmade toggles/connectors.  The wood toggle is made of bronze and the dress/hope toggles are made of brass, copper and resin.  Be sure to drop by her Etsy Shop - Amanda Davie to see more of her creations.

My bead soup mix is a wonderful assortment of fresh water pearls, ocean jasper, glass, quartz, vintage bits, Swarovski rondells, a locket, as well as, a Drusy quartz and egg bead.

Brass is my favorite medium to create in.  Pictured above are bits of chain, filigree oval beads, leaf charm and misc. bead caps/beads.

My focal pieces include a lovely handmade lamp work bird bead, brass/resin bird charm, copper stamped journey charm and a little bottle dangle containing a tiny feather.  All items featured above were handmade by Amanda except the lamp work bird.

Amanda even sent me jump rings and head pins.  Notice the packaging (note to self, work on packaging skills).

Here it is in all of it's glory.  My fabulous "Amanda Mix".  Let me know what you think of my mix.  I just love it.  Anyone have any creative blog links for packaging/paper crafts?


  1. Just dynamite ingredients Denise!
    Packaging and more importantly branding are so very key (get it? Pun intended!). Finding what works for you and is the best fit for your pieces is what it is all about. I wish that I could sew. I think that would be a great touch. But I have seen handstamped cards, little metal tags, and I use custom printed silk ribbon. That has become my signature along with the tiny sig tag with the key on it on all my pieces.
    I am looking forward to this soup! It will be delicious!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. I'm with you, Denise! I have some good ideas...but never seem to have the "stuff" handy when I send something out!

    LOVE your goodies. Can't see what receipe you make from your ingredients!
    Bead Happy!

  3. ooooh, those look awesome! I never would have thought to do such beautiful packaging. Something to aspire to for sure. I can't wait to see what you make with it.

  4. I agree - the packaging is just divine. Of course the contents are simply wonderful too!


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