Britton's Gift

This morning in my daughter Britton's class we celebrated Mother's Day with a fabulous breakfast.  Mrs. Carpio, Pre-K teacher extraordinaire, had the children make their mother's a necklace crafted out of ribbon, paper and plastic gems.  The necklaces are beautiful.  Mrs. Carpio approached me this morning stating "Britton took extra care in picking out the colors of the gems."  Britton told her "Mommy would use this gem in a necklace" or "She just made a necklace in this color the other night."  Mrs. Carpio called her "Rusty Roxx Too" referring to my business Rusty Roxx.  She said "You know the store "Limited" and "Limited Too", one is for adults and the other is for children."  Both of us agree we have a future jewelry designer on our hands.

I love the necklace my daughter crafted for me.  It is more beautiful than any design I could ever dream up in my head.  I believe this is what Mother's Day is about.  Your children creating wonderful art project and their excited look on their face when they present you their gift.  I cherish and store both Garrett and Britton's hand crafted presents in a special box.  When I open that box, it is like a time machine that takes me back to their younger days.  I can still see the look on their precious faces filled with excitement and joy.

I have not yet received Garrett's gift this year.  He is waiting until Mother's Day so I will have something to open.  I am sure his gift will be just as wonderful.  He is almost 13 so my days of receiving handmade gifts from my son will soon be coming to a end.  They grow up fast!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. sweet! I'm sure Swiffer has forgotten about mother's day this year and didn't get me a gift. Again.

  2. I think George should take Swiffer out and buy you something. He could also dip his paw in paint - then it would be a paw crafted item.

  3. I can see Britton looking at all the gems. She loves her mommy very much. It's amazing she noticed what stone you were using the night before.

  4. I totally agree Bryan. I am also amazed that she noticed what I was making. She is a girlie girl. She loves to look at my jewelry designs.


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