Couture with Beth Livesay

On Friday I got the chance to meet Beth Livesay, Managing Editor of  Jewelry Affaire, Altered Couture, Haute Handbags and Somerset Home.  These magazines are some of the most inspiring magazines on the newsstand today.  Beth is absolutely darling.  Young, successful and a natural beauty.  When I arrived at the office she was wearing one of my special occasion necklaces that I gifted to her with jeans and a peasant top. She likes Coco Chanel, Project Runway and my vintage/romantic style of jewelry.  I think we are kindred souls.  We weeded through a ton of jewelry designs that I had brought with me to Stampington & Co.  We narrowed the choices down to about 50 pieces.  These pieces include necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  Beth and her art department choose a few designs to be published in the Fall, sophomore issue of Jewelry Affaire. 

Our picture was taken in Beth’s office next to all the fabulous Altered Couture submissions.  I informed her that many artisans are intimidated by Jewelry Affaire and Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazines.  She encourages everyone to submit their designs for consideration.  If you would like to submit your designs to Jewelry Affaire, Altered Couture, Haute Handbags or Somerset Home please check the Stampington & Co. web site for details.  For more information on Beth, please visit her blog “Couture Over Coffee.”


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Have a good day!

  2. Amazing. Thank you for sharing these magazines. I've always wanted to design a handbag.

  3. What a great experience! I am so excited for you, Denise. Couldn't happen to a nicer person. I guess I fall into the intimidated group. I love their publications but don't see that they would want what I have to offer. She wears your designs well. But you are wrong... you are BOTH natural beauties!
    Enjoy the day, Denise!
    P.S. Very nice Bead Trends piece! I knew it was yours before I even saw your name. ;-)

  4. A.C. - I never knew you wanted to design a handbag. Interesting......

    Erin - Please send your designs into Beth. The deadline has come and gone for fall, but maybe spring? Beth does not wear an ounce of make up - so she is truly the natural beauty. Her skin is perfect. I love ya for putting me in that category though. I have two projects in Bead Trends - which design did you notice was mine?

  5. I just love Beth, she is so adorable and very sweet!

  6. That is so cool you got to meet with an editor! I agree with Erin--I am intimidated to submit to Belle Amoire Jewelry. Their pieces seem out of my league. But it gives me something to aspire to.

  7. Denise,
    I cannot tell you how happy I was to meet you and your amazing mom. 50 pieces! Yes it was so much fun to "narrow" it all down with you. I think I could look at jewelry all day. What a life that would be. You gotta sell your stuff somewhere, Im telling you, it is ALL so exquisite. I think we are kindred souls; Im so glad you like making jewelry as much as I do looking at it and talking about it. Come by any time. Talk soon!


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