Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bead Trends - June 2010

The June issue of Bead Trends has just hit the newsstands.  This marks my first publication with this magazine.  The June issue features "Fabulous Findings" - TierraCast,  "Designer Highlight" - Lisa Kan and "Jewel School" - Beach Weddings.  Bead Trends is packed full of wedding, quick and easy, bracelets, anything goes, sentimental favorites, crystal creations, fashion favorites, and birthstone designs.


Bead Trends is a quality magazine with beautiful photography.  In this issue I have two designs.  The first is "Unforgettable".  This piece is located in the "Weddings" section.  I love to design wedding jewelry.  Bling is my thing, anything sparkly draws my attention.  This necklace was created with fresh water pearls, Swarvoski fireballs & Rondelles, sterling silver bead caps, toggle and connectors.  It has a romantic/vintage flair.

My second design is located in the "Fashion Favorites" section.  "Britty's Butterfly" is named after my daughter Britton.  The centerpiece is a Marsha Neal handmade pendant wrapped with Vintaj Natural Brass.  The necklace also includes Czech glass beads, Swarvoski crystals.

The photographs seen above are pictures I have taken myself.  I thought it might be interesting to get a different perspective of the designs.  Plus it  helps me with my photography skills.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moondance - Bead Star 2010 "Stones" Entry

Beads and findings inspire me.  It is really hard for me to order beads on-line.  I like to hold the gems and components in my hands, feel the texture and look at the color.  Bead shops have a limited inventory, this why I like to shop at Gem Faire.  The Gem Faire show takes place every three months at the Orange County Fair Grounds.  California does not host the Bead & Button or Bead Fest shows.  Really, Gem Faire is the only game in town.  I am awaiting the day that Bead Fest or the Bead & Button show finally arrive in California.

I have always like the color combo of gray and pink.  When I found these strands of pink dyed agate and gray quartz at the Gem Faire bead show I was smitten.  The vibrancy of the dyed pink agate is breath taking. 

The original idea floating in my head was pink, gray and sterling silver.  When I started to design that night, I was drawn toward Vintaj Natural Brass (big surprise there) and the necklace took on a life of it's own.

After completion of the design, the image of a butterfly dancing around a flower in the moonlight stuck in my mind.  I know, I have never seen a butterfly dancing at night either.  I tried other names but I keep coming back to "Moondance".  The photo above shows a clearer image of the butterfly clasp.

The rondelle faceted gray quartz features many lovely tones.  The tones range from white to charcoal.  

The photo above was taken by a professional photographer.  Once again, I was not happy with this shot.  The professional picture is not focused clearly and looks washed out.  My blog photos were taken after the entry was submitted.  There is a huge difference in clarity and color.

I was concerned with the pink, gray and brass color combination.  What do you think of the colors?  Do you like the brass or do you think it would have looked better in sterling silver?  Personally, I like the brass.  It is very unique color combo and design.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Milday Sayde - Bead Star Under $25 Entry

I thought it might be interesting to take close up pictures and share my design process for each "Bead Star" entry.  It was quite an experience trying to come up with unique designs for each specific category.  I decided to feature three a week until the voting is completed.  My first feature is in the Under $25 category.  The name of the piece is "Milady Sayde".  This design was named after my God Mother and Aunt Sadye Chacon.  I like to name my pieces after someone special.  Sometimes this is not possible because the design just doesn't fit the style of a specific person.

I had a horrible time taking photographs of this piece (notice how much better this picture is - just my luck).  The photo in the Bead Star competition does not do it justice.  My sister-in-law was voting the other day and wanted to guess what designs were mine.  She picked every design except this one.  She said it looks "Indian".  That is not the case, the picture is just bad.  "Milady Sadye" is very delicate.  I originally designed it for the Seed Beads category.  When I realized that I made it for a grand total of $13.40  I  had to enter it in the Under $25.

I came up with this design technique a couple of year ago.  I used a similar technique on "Fleur de Niece".  Fleur de Niece was originally designed for Stringing Magazine.  It ended up as a Beading Daily free downloadable project.

This technique is extremely time consuming.  Sometimes I would break the fragile seed beads during the wire wrapping process and have to start over again.

Clasps can be expensive.  I like to make my own clasps to keep costs down.  The photo above is an example of making your own clasp with wire and beads.  Very few jump rings were used on this design.  Most of the beads are link by wire before wrapping.

Above is the Bead Star photograph.   Does the design look different to you now that you have had a chance to look at the other pictures?  I'd love to read your comments.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodies From Amanda Davie

What luck to have been partnered with Amanda Davie in my first "Bead Soup Blog Party."  When I received her package in the mail I  was absolutely thrilled.  I have learned that the participants in "Bead Soup" package their soup mixes with love and creativity.  My packaging skills need vast improvement.  It is something to aspire to at the next party.  Amanda's envelope arrived with bird stamps and a lovely handmade mailing label (why didn't I think of that?).

My bead soup was carefully packaged into a handmade quilted bag.  This bag is fabulous!  I love the colors, texture and the bird theme.  Although I have not quilted in a few years, the bag makes me want to break out my Bernina.

Wow, Amanda sent me hand dyed silk not knowing that I am really into designing with silk right now.

This next picture is Amanda's handmade toggles/connectors.  The wood toggle is made of bronze and the dress/hope toggles are made of brass, copper and resin.  Be sure to drop by her Etsy Shop - Amanda Davie to see more of her creations.

My bead soup mix is a wonderful assortment of fresh water pearls, ocean jasper, glass, quartz, vintage bits, Swarovski rondells, a locket, as well as, a Drusy quartz and egg bead.

Brass is my favorite medium to create in.  Pictured above are bits of chain, filigree oval beads, leaf charm and misc. bead caps/beads.

My focal pieces include a lovely handmade lamp work bird bead, brass/resin bird charm, copper stamped journey charm and a little bottle dangle containing a tiny feather.  All items featured above were handmade by Amanda except the lamp work bird.

Amanda even sent me jump rings and head pins.  Notice the packaging (note to self, work on packaging skills).

Here it is in all of it's glory.  My fabulous "Amanda Mix".  Let me know what you think of my mix.  I just love it.  Anyone have any creative blog links for packaging/paper crafts?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Glitterfest Was Fabulous!

I Attended Glitterfest yesterday to check out the show and see if it would be a good venue for me to sell my jewelry.  Glitterfest is a mixed media and art show held twice a year in the Spring and Fall.  There was a huge line at the door, I thought "Wow, this is a good sign".  Once inside I discovered crowds of people around the tables.  This place was so packed you could hardly move.  The vendors ranged from cupcakes, candies, art dolls, ceramics, altered art bottles, jewelry, clothing, paper, crowns, altered art home decor and much more.

Talk about delicious and delightful.  Posh berries hand makes their decedent sweets.  They are yummy and beautiful.
I love this brass rosary box made by Twigs.  Carolyn also makes beautiful altered art religious jewelry.

I had to buy these antique keys and game tiles.  I plan to make necklaces out of the keys.  We will see what I do with Fleur De Les game tiles.  I loved the way  Tikiranch packaged his goodies with a hot dog wrapper.

The Fairy Society Academy made this beautiful bracelet.  My Mom loved it so much that I bought it for her.  The Fairy Society has on-line classes where you can learn to make the Renaissance Fairy Crown pictured above.

The "Flower Girl" Kimberly Kostka had a beautiful booth filled with handmade "Fleur's" and vintage bits n' pieces.  I purchased these vintage rhinestones and ophthalmology  glasses.  Please check out Kim's beautiful and inspiring blog.

Whimzy is a shop located in Old Town Tustin, Ca.  I bought these fabulous small birds shown below.  They are very heavy, but I am still going to try to make a necklace out of them.  I am obsessed with birds!  Whimzy also offers classes on paper hat making.  Also, check out Sheryl's Whimzy's Whimzies blog.

The next Glitterfest is Saturday, October 2.  Hopefully I will be able to display my wares and see you there!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Beadmaille - A New Book By My Friend Cindy Thomas Pankopf

Every time I went to Brea Bead Works in Brea, Ca.  I would ask my friend Cindy "How's the book coming?"  Her eyes would light up as she talked about the  process of creating her first book "Beadmaille".    Tonight, she had her first book signing and I was first in line to get her autograph.

Beadmaille is an innovative jewelry technique featuring the combination of chainmail and bead weaving.  The projects are designed for both the bead weaver or chainmail artist who wants to try something new.  The book has 25 beautifully illustrated projects.  The projects are for all skill levels and Cindy takes you through the basics needed for each project in the book.

Her book is available now for purchase at Amazon and book stores everywhere.  For information about Cindy please visit her web site -  Congratulations Cindy, your book is a work of art!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bead Star Voting Has Begun!

The Bead Star voting is finally up!   I am very excited this year because my designs were selected "Top 20" in ALL nine categories.  This is a huge accomplishment for me.  I set out at the beginning of the year with a goal to design a piece for every category.  I was thrilled when I completed this task and I am over the moon that each piece was selected for the "Top 20".

My only down fall this year was my photographs.  I actually took all 9 pieces to a professional photographer.  She did such a horrible job that I ended up using half of my own photographs.

Please scroll down to the bottom to cast your vote!

Crystals - The Grand Chenier - # 20 

Glass - Roman Holiday  - # 19

Designs with Heart - Be Still - # 18

Metals - Brass Blossoms - # 20

Pearls - Italia Regalia - # 20

Plastics - Earthly Delights - #20

Seed Beads - Critchfield - #20

Stones - Moondance - # 20

Under $25 - Milady Sayde - #20

Denise is #20 in all categories except 
"Crystals" #19 & "Designs with Heart" #18

To vote please click on this link
"Bead Star 2010"
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