Where Do You Create?

Over the past couple of days Erin Strother and I have been chatting about where we design our jewelry. She has an office in her house where she creates. As for me, I design on the couch in my family room. I know this seems strange, but it enables me to be in the same room as my husband and kids. I dream of some day having a fabulous studio where I can keep all my beads, painting supplies and sewing materials. I recently purchased a copy of "Where Women Create" Spring 2010 published by Stampington & Company. I discovered that Gina Galvin has the studio of my dreams! It is a French conservatory that sits on the grounds of her 130 acre property in Grand Blanc, Michigan. This space is unbelievably beautiful and inspiring. It features ornate wrought iron, a domed roof and floor to ceiling windows everywhere. It over looks her lush landscaped property! Gina is the owner of Peacock Park Design a home decor company. She searches for fabulous antiques and has them reproduced. Her line has a little bit of everything from pillows to garden decor to bracelets. To learn more about Gina check out her blog.

The photos featured today show many other chic studios that grace the pages of "Where Women Create" Spring 2010. For more information about this magazine go to Stampington and Company or pick up your copy at a bookstore. I purchased mine at Borders.


  1. wow. Sadly, my office looks nothing like this. Mine is sorta "Ikea meets Pier 1." I do have some cool art on the walls, though.

  2. At least you have a office! I am designing on the couch!!! I guess even if I had a fabulous studio I would still design on the couch so I could spend time with my husband and kids! For some reason I am only inspired at night.

  3. You're proof that creativity can happen anywhere, even on a family room couch. I have carved out a little corner of our livingroom as my writing space. There are pages of notes, research and deleted scenes strewn across a table, a lot like your beads, painting supplies and sewing materials. I often think about having a room where I could close the door at the end of a productive writing session. But I've realized that waiting for the perfect spot to write is like waiting for the perfect word. It might come eventually, but in the meantime, you've wasted a whole lot of time waiting.


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