Peacock Pandemonium

I must have birds on the brain! First ducks and now Peacocks. I have been in search of peacock pendants for about two months now. I have not found anything that has blown me away yet. Maybe this is my excuse to start dabbling in Ice Resin and make my own pendants.

It seems the peacock is creating a fashion trend. When I received this months issue of Orange Coast Magazine I was pleasantly surprised to see this fabulous Peacock dress designed by Diane Von Furstenberg. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. Necklaces designed with gem tones are always in style.

I have a passion for purses (especially "Chanel"). This stunning alligator and peacock clutch is designed by Paige Gamble.

The cosmetic photographs are visually inspiring. I am inspired by the color and texture of these designs. Let me know if this fashion trend inspires you.


  1. not so much inspired by the eye shadow. Like the dresses though!

  2. I love the eye shadow. It reminds me of the 80's!


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