Are You Trendy?

I like search through the pages of fashion magazines to see what the current trends are in the costume jewelry market. It is always interesting to see what materials, colors and designs are in style. When designing for a beading magazine you really need to stay up to date on fashion trends. This can be hard when you are designing 6 months to a year ahead for the jewelry magazine publications.

Currently there is a trend of Lucite & petal jewelry and chunky bold bracelets. Gold tones are also making a come back. The photos featured in my blog today are pieces that are fun and funky. Many of the designs are edgy with an 80's vibe. The gold petal bracelet and necklace are created by Citrine by the Stones. The lucite jewelry is made by Lydell NYC, Gemma Redux, and RJ Graziano. Lucite jewelry is great for spring and summer. You can also wear them during the winter months at holiday parties. The bracelets take me back to my "Heavy Metal" days. The cuffs are made by Fiona Paxton and CC Skye.


  1. I have bought a few goldtone pieces to use in upcoming jewelry projects. Didn't know I was being trendy!

  2. For a really long time gold tones seemed to be out. Everyone was wearing silver. I personally wear both gold and silver tones everyday i.e., 22kt gold bangles that I never take off, platinum wedding ring (silver tone) and watch that is a mix of gold and stainless steel. I love the fact that gold tones are making a come back.

    You should post your designs when they are completed Michelle. I would love to see them.


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