Pretty Palettes - December Reveal

Pretty Palettes December Reveal

It is time for the 'Pretty Palettes" November 2015 reveal!  Erin Prais-Hintz has picked "Nordic Knitwear" as our inspiration for the December blog hop.

The image above are examples of Nordic knit mittens that Erin found on the

From Caroline Munro Tumblr

I started out with the color combo and pattern from Caroline Munro.  I used this photo for inspiration and choose a slightly different color palette.

 My choice of bead palette colors are more aqua and gold.

Bead Gallery® Hematite stone aqua luster 2mm
Bead Gallery® turquoise glass rondelle 3x4mm
Bead Gallery® glass round copper iris 4mm
Bead Gallery® aqua 9.5x10mm table cut glass

My design is titled "Nordic Necklace" - This is an advanced design.  Please click here for your free DIY Instructions

I hope you enjoyed my design for the December "Pretty Palettes".

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  1. That is a very rich and regal pattern you created, Miss Denise! I love the blues with the gold. Very pretty design! I was trying to come up with a design that had multiple rows like stitches by my Muse had left the building at that point! This is lovely! Thanks for playing along with me. I will have a new challenge on January 6th. Happy new year to you and your lovely family! Enjoy the day! Erin


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