Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads Giveaway!

  Sisterhood of the Traveling bead box- 
Originated by the talented Heather Powers of Humble Beads- Heather compiled a large box of beads from her studio, and offered them in a giveaway on her blog. The box has traveled through the hands of about 8 different people! 
All you have to do to enter is go to Lorelei's Blog and leave a comment.

Here is the box, all packed up and ready to go to the next lucky beadaholic! Here's what you need to know to play along:

The giveaway: The entire box of goodies, WELL over $200 worth of beads.

The stipulations: You'll pay for shipping: $15.00 for flat rate priority mail.

The rules: You'll take what you want from the box, add in items from your own bead stash to replace the items you took and do the same giveaway on your blog. We'll keep the beads traveling for as long as we can.

To enter: Leave a comment, be sure to include your email.

Bonus: Blog, facebook or twitter about it to enter more than once. Leave another comment letting me know how you helped spread the word.

Deadline: Comments will be accepted until Friday Nov 5th, at 5pm
                 [the box will then be shipped Monday Nov. 8 to the winner.]

The winner will then have 2 weeks to go through the box and pick out their items and contribute to the box, and then host their own giveaway.

All I ask is that each time it passes hands, the winner will email me when the next giveaway starts so I can enjoy the traveling and help promote your giveaway!

International bloggers: I'm sorry, but due to shipping only those in the U.S. can play along. But I'm suddenly feeling really bad for my non-U.S. blog readers. If you are outside the states leave a comment and I'll also draw one international winner for a bead grab bag from my own stash of beads.
Please go to Lorelei's Blog and leave a comment for a chance to receive the box. 


  1. Hi Denise! I love your blog. I am in Canada and would love to enter to win your international blogger grab bag. Thank you for thinking of us non US beaders. :-)
    Lisa G

  2. Hi again. I just realized that the international blogger giveaway was on Lorelei's site not yours. Oops. Scratch the above comment. Still love your blog. :-)

  3. I am not making a mistake right now commenting here, just wanted to say that it is one really beautiful thing you all there in U.S. are enjoying and I enjoy reading about it. Continue having fun :)Kiss

  4. Denise,
    It sounds like a very fun giveaway that people are participating. Like Lisa, I live in Canada( I am from Western Canada) so I can not participate in the Traveling Beads but I would love to win a grab bag of beads from your stash. I do enjoy coming to your blog and seeing all the interesting things that you are up to with your beads. I definitely will check out Lorelei's blog and add my name to the giveaway. What a kind and generous thing for you to do.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  5. interesting article,, thanks for sharing .. I am glad to read it because it adds to my knowledge


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