November Is My Month!

Happy 15 Year Anniversary!

  Today is our 15 year crystal anniversary.  
Yes, we were married on Veteran's Day.

Everything happens to Rusty and I in November.  We met, married and both of our children were born in November.  Even my dog "Demi" was born in November.  

 I thought I would share some photos of that special day. Below is a photo of myself and "Kimetha" on my wedding day.  My November Bead Trends Magazine design is named after her.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.


  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! You look so beautiful in your pics.

  2. You certainly lived up to the adage of a beautiful radiant bride. November is a lovely month- thanks for sharing your special memories.
    May you and your husband share many more happy years together.


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