And The Winnners Are.......................

  "The Best Bead Give-A-Way Ever!"

                           1.  Lynn Stevens
                           2.  Leslie Gidden
                           4.  Winchell Clay Works
                           5.   Lorelei
                           6.  Tins and Treasures
                           7.  Marsha Hedrick 

 There are 7 winners - I decided to add a few beads to the Sari Silk.  The Sari group will be a mystery package.  Maybe the winner can post pictures on their blog.

These winners were picked by randomly generated  numbers supplied by Lori Anderson, the hostess of the "Bead Soup Blog Party" and then matched to mixed up entry numbers.  

This has been fabulous experience for me!  I am so grateful to all my new followers.  I will definitely have another contest.  The big give-a-way will probably take place once a year.   I do plan on having smaller contests so check back.
Winners Please Read!!!!!!

Winner number one gets first pick, winner two gets the second pick, etc.  

If you are a winner, please leave a comment with your pick (remember the pick is by rank - rank your choices 1-7) and your email address so I can contact you.  I am going on vacation today and will be back on Monday.  If you do not hear from me over the 4th of July holiday then I will contact you on Monday, July 5th.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Happy Fourth Of July!


  1. YIPPEEE!!!! I am so excited, I haven't won a giveaway in FOREVER!!! My choices ranked would be: 3,4,7,1,2,5,6

  2. Congrats to all the winners! Lucky Ducks!
    Happy 4th!
    Bead Happy!

  3. Congratulations lucky winners! Christmas in July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations to the winners! This was exciting and fun and I hope to be a part of another giveaway soon!

  5. Congrats to all of the Winners this was such a wonderful give away! Thanks for the chance Denise ..have a great Vacation!

  6. You sure know how to generate buzz Miss Denise! Congrats to the winners. Can I be your new best friend? ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  7. Good Morning,
    I am so thrilled to be listed among the winners. My hubby creates beautiful wine bottle necklaces and these will be perfect!

    My email address is
    I hope you enjoy your vacation and I will be in touch after the 4th.

    Thank you so much for your generous giveaway. Have a fabulous Friday.
    ~Natalie, Tins and Treasures

  8. Yeaaaaaah , I can't believe it!!! I just opened my email and came right over and what a SURPRISE!!!!! I will send you a personal email with my information. Thank you again soooooo much. and I will post on my blog !

  9. Congratulations all!!! How wonderful for you!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners!

  11. Congratulations to all seven winners. Denise this was such a generous giveaway. Happy and safe Fourth of July.

  12. Congratulations to all the winners!

  13. Congratulations to the winners!!
    U la lau!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))

  14. I'm sad for me...:-( but VERY happy for all of the winners! "Play nice with beads!" LOL

  15. congratulations to the winners! aren't giveaways just great?

  16. How exciting! Thank you for such a generous gift. I can hardly wait to put these beautiful beads to use. My choice by rank is earth tones first, then greens, reds, turquoise, blues, silver and sari. My email is Thank you again!!!!

  17. Congrats to all the winners. I'm glad you decided to split up the treasure!!


  18. Hah! This is the second time in 20 years that I've won a giveaway! I startled the boy b/c I hooted when I saw my name-Thanks so much!!!!

  19. Congratulations to all the winners. Boohoo. None of them were me. Have fun!!

  20. Congats to all the winners!!! I even see a familiar face in the list of winners...extra congrats to them!!

    This was a really fun giveaway. You really did get a lot of buzz going. It was fun to see it on so many peoples blogs. It was fun to participate even without winning. Kinda like playing lotto tickets. You never win, but they are still fun to play!


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