Pretty Palettes Reveal - October 2017

Welcome to my October Pretty Palettes Reveal!

This months inspiration was a glowing photo captured by  Molly Schaller.  

This was not an ordinary campfire, she fried donuts in her dutch oven. Oh how I would love to tasted one of these donuts! 

Here is color palette generated from the above photo.

Any of you who know me, understand my fear of orange and black.  When I create with these 2 colors I get a major design block.  I am always so afraid the necklace with look Halloweeny.  But hey, it is the month of October.....

Here are the Bead Gallery® beads that I selected.

Bead Gallery® Lilac glass small mix seed beads
Bead Gallery® black glass 6/0 E beads
Bead Gallery® small glass orange mix

Here is my "Spice Necklace" -

Next, we have the "Spice Bracelet" -

Lastly, here are the dainty "Spice Earrings" -

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  1. I'm in love with that bracelet! And I'm very impressed with all the pieces that you made... you kept the theme, but didn't make it feel too Halloween-y. Lovely! :)

  2. Common Denominator adalah wujud pengakuan bahwa manusia itu tidak sama. "Bhineka Tunggal Ika" mungkin dapat diartikan Common Denominator karena memiliki makna yang menyerupai yaitu "Walaupun berbeda beda tetapi Satu Jua". Istilah inilah yang akan dibahas tentang (Baca Selengkapnya...)


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