Pretty Palettes August Reveal

Welcome to my Pretty Palettes August Reveal!  This month Molly Schaller has selected a stunning bead palette from this beautiful photo of  Minnetrista Center, a museum, garden, and gathering place in Muncie, Indiana.

Here is our color palette generated from Molly's photo. 

I usually select my own beads for the Pretty Palette challenge but this month I decided to go with Molly's picks.

Bead Gallery® Beads found at your local Michaels Stores

 My first design is the "Temperate Necklace".  If you are a beginning beader, you can create this necklace.  It is formed using simple knots, a simple loop and opening and closing a jump rings.

The "Temperate Bracelets" are strung on waxed cording.  The clasp is connected by simple knots.

Lastly, we have the "Temperate Earrings".  I love these ear pins - so quick and easy to use.

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  1. Gorgeous Denise!!
    I am always in awe of your creativity and willingness to share tutorials for your finished pieces! I wish I had more time!

    1. Thank you Lorelei. I am so fast at writing instructions now LOL.

  2. Beautiful! I would say you nailed it! Great job!


    1. Veralynne thank you so much. I love this color palette.


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