Pretty Palettes June Reveal

Pretty Palettes June Reveal 


Welcome to my Pretty Palettes June reveal.  This month Molly Schaller picked the photo below featuring a trade quilts book, a pop of turquoise and her eyeglass case.  I love how she found inspiration on a regular trip to her local library!

Here is the color palette developed from the photo above.

Up next we have my Bead Gallery® bead palette.  Some of these beads won't be in stores long, so be sure to pick up your strands today!

Bead Gallery® cream 6/0 glass beads
Bead Gallery® red glass 6/0 glass beads
Bead Gallery® aqua glass small mix
Bead Gallery® black matt glass 4mm
Bead Gallery® white Mother-of-Pearl 4mm rounds
Bead Gallery® red chips dyed bamboo coral

My Native necklace is designed with the advanced beader in mind.  This necklace will take approximately 2 hours to create.

The Native bracelets are a beginner project with  wrapped loops.  If you are not proficient at wrapped loops, you can substitute simple loops.

The Native earrings are dazzling dangles with great movement.  This design is also a perfect beginner project.

I hope you enjoyed the June Pretty Palettes reveal.  Be sure to check back next month and follow me on Instagram for more inspiration. 


  1. Really outstanding!! I love all those seed beads you used! Really fun - but your eye vs. hand coordination must be tired out after all that beading. lately, I have been having a hard time with the tiny beads!

    1. Thank you Lorelei - I was out of town for a couple weeks. The tiny beads hurt my fingers.

  2. I love these colors together and the rustic, earthy vibe! And those earrings are so fun--perfect for summer and fall!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Lorelei, Denise! All of those seed beads take a ton of patience and a steady hand with stretch cord! Do you have a secret to make it easier? If so, will you share it☺️?
    I love how these pieces seem like a Southwestern Fourth of July! Thanks for playing along!

    1. Thank you Molly. I try to string 3 or 4 beads at a time onto the stretch cording. Sorry for the late response - we were out of town for 2 weeks.


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