Pretty Palettes November Reveal

It is time for the 'Pretty Palettes" November 2015 reveal!  Erin Prais-Hintz has picked a painting by Henri-Edmond Cross.

Impressionist painter Henri-Edmond Cross frequently created landscapes, often with beach-bathing nudes or more mundane scenery of farmers laboring in their fields, it was this painting that really caught Erin's eye. At first it appears to be just a simplistic color gradation. But upon further inspection, you can see the mountains of the isles in the distance, and notice the shimmering golden waves. So our Pretty Palette for November should take us away on a vacation of mind, body and spirit, filled with the ocean tones of sand, surf and sky.

This painting is called Îles d’Or and really captures the beauty of this seaside landscape. I hope you will escape along with us!

 My Bead Gallery® Palette

10393263 purple glass 6/0 seed beads
10464240 synthetic lapis stone beads 6mm
10265206 blue dyed quartzite chips
10322661 stone aqua faceted round 6mm
10265198 orange dyed quartzite chips
10288535 yellow faceted rondelle glass
10393269 yellow glass 6/0 seed beads (Not Pictured)


  1. This palette just screams beachy fun, doesn't it? I love the color blocking that you achieved and that you used every color in the palette! Thanks for joining me in the Pretty Palettes challenge for November. Check back on December 2nd for our next inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin


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