Pretty Palettes May Reveal

Pretty Palettes May Reveal

Time for the "Pretty Palettes" reveal!  Erin Prais-Hintz color palette for the month of May was inspired by this beautiful Scandinavian fabric design with a fun mix of neutrals and a pop of reddish-orange. It is from a company called Almedahls that was produced originally in the 1950s.

I think my biggest challenge as a designer is mixing colors.  When I create a design for "Pretty Palettes" I am inspired by the the colors of the palette, not the actual photo.  Personally I do not look at photo and think "modern, romantic, etc" for me it is all about the color.  I know I can create any style of jewelry.  I would rather flex my color muscles. 

This was a challenging palette for me.  I have to admit, the first necklace I created made me cringe (and it is not pictured).  So I went to my bead stash grabbing black and orange hued beads with gold chain. 

Below is my design...

The necklace is modeled by the beautiful Samantha.  

I am actually happy with my second design which is pictured.  Anyone else have a hard time with this color palette?  Are you inspired by the photo, color palette or both? I would love to hear your comments.  Be sure to check out "Fashion Friday" and "DIY Saturday" on the Halcraft blog.  I feature two free beading designs every week.


  1. I like hearing how you approach this, Miss Denise! Sometimes I have a hard time divorcing the colors from the image so that I focus on just the palette. I do think you did a great job! That orange was a tough one for me to find locally. You totally molded this palette to your style! I actually love these colors. I think my house is a reflection of that taupe (literally every wall is that color) so I love it. And it was just so darn cute! Thanks for playing with me. Come back on June 3rd for the next Pretty Palettes challenge! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Denise, your images are so beautiful! I think it's amazing how the beads come alive in the California light. All of the layers of beautiful beads makes this necklace more interesting and unusual.

  3. Your necklace turned out beautifully! Diggin' all those layers.Thanks for sharing your thought process too. I find myself doing that more times than not. That's what I love about these challenges. Opening doors to more than one way to approach something.

  4. Love how your necklace turned out! You do the bold statement necklace so well. I do find it best if I allow myself enough time when designing that I can use a "do over" if needed. I like to think that I can always design something perfectly the first time out, but I know better!

  5. I can see how this would be a challenging palette - any time I play with black and orange I risk going all Halloween. Your design has a perfect balance and totally avoids that trap - it looks modern and fun!


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