Belle Armoire Jewelry Spring 2012

Belle Armoire Jewelry
Copper Couture

In the spring 2012 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry I have a stepped out tutorial on how to make the necklace below. 

I love making elegant wire wrapped jewelry.  Do you like working with wire?


  1. Got to get this issue! I do like working with wire but not near to your level yet!
    Beautiful necklace!

  2. Hi Denise,
    Beautiful necklace! I'm the same as Cindy, I dabble, but not at your level.

  3. I love jewelry and i have a big collection home. Recently i have started do to it by myself, and i think i do it great. Thus your tutorial is just on time for me, since this is the main metod i manage to doonline jewelry storesjewelries.

  4. The quality of information that you are providing is simply marvelous.
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