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EarthenOxide is a side project started Melanie Brooks as a place to house her new mixed media creations. While she enjoys success with her ceramic studio site Earthenwood Studio and the related Earthenwood Etsy and Etsy Galleria shops, she wanted a special place where her non-clay creations could have a home without competing with my ceramics.

Some of the materials she enjoys using to create an EarthenOxide item include: old keys and key plates, jeweler's grade resin, fine opalescent powders, vintage book pages, and assorted ephemera.

Hinged Key Pendant Pistachio Green
Collage Key Pendant Plum Gear
Collage Key Pendant Tool Arch
Shimmer Key Blue/Green Triple Loop

Melanie's journey to make these unique jewelry components starts with one of her favorite pastimes of wandering through antique stores and flea markets to find old worn and rusted bits of metal. Vintage keys have so much mystery and wonder to them... what secret places and doors did they once unlock?

Melanie uses the old keys, brush off a little of the oxidation, and coat them with a jeweler's grade resin tinted with muted colors and fine shimmering powders to create these magical pendants, transforming the old and forgotten into something new and dreamy.
Melanie is truly one of the most talented art bead artist on the scene right now.  Anything this artist touches turns to bead gold!  I love the new Earthenoxide line!  The keys are unique and one of a kind!  Please visit her Earthenoxide web site.


  1. I love these! I've been going through a vintage key phase lately, but these are a step beyond what I have been doing with them. Such a cool idea!

  2. They are so very beautiful to work with too! The colors are so vivid and deep. I bought one of her keyholes done in the same fashion and made something recently. I am thinking on what to make with the newest key that has the three loops. Thanks for sharing, Denise! I agree, Melanie is the most inventive with her materials!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. What a fun direction to explore...thanks for sharing Melanie's keys, Denise :)

    --Dave at Rings & Things
    H.Q. of the Bead Show Tour wending its way through UT, ID, WA, OR, MT and beyond...


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