Earthenwood Design Team - Necklace Give-a-way


You can win this necklace!

Here is my design for February 2011 
"Heart Lock It"

You can win this necklace!  All you have to do is tell my your best or worst Valentine's Day story.  I will pick one winner from the stories posted.  Please post your email address with your story.
The winner will be chosen Monday, February 28th.  Good Luck!
Note from Melanie!
It's a new month, so it's time for a new challenge for the Design Team!  This month, in celebration of Valentine's Day (and my own anniversary with my sweetie Alex this week) I have chosen from my newest collection of hearts. I packaged up a dozen little bundles, each with a heart (either one of the Lock and Keys or the Everlasting Heartfires), a Heartfire link, a new Clock Face link, and a pair of little round pewtery link pairs. I have already sent out packages to the core members:

Andrew Thornton
Gaea Cannaday
Denise Yezbak Moore
Erin Prais-Hintz 
Erin Siegel
Heather Powers
Lorelei Eurto
 Lori Anderson
Jean Yates
Marie Dodd 


  1. Cool necklace, D. I love earthenwood's components.
    My most memorable valentine's day was back when I was in college. I was dating a guy who worked swing shift so I went over to his house to wait for him to come home, and when I opened the front door he had rigged it so a bunch of rose petals fell on my head and a recording came on of him telling me he loved me. Scared the heck out of me, but how romantic!
    Erin S

  2. Denise that necklace is gorgeous.

    I retired from 31 years of work one cold November day. On the next Valentines Day I weighed myself and realized I had gained 17 pounds in 3 months. I joined Weight Watchers that day and didn't tell my husband. When he came home that night he brought me a large box of Dots, a large box of Good and Plenty, a one pound bag of Twizzlers, a box of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and a two pound box of dark chocolate candy. I was so afraid to hurt his feelings because those were all my favorite candies. That night I ate a little of each and the next day I told him what I had done. He said "thank heavens, I thought you were getting kind of chubby but I was afraid to say anything". We took all the candy over to the nursing home and left it there. He still likes to buy me Dots for Valentines Day but I only get one small box.

  3. I love what you've done with the lock cover and the Earthenwood heart. It's a beautiful piece. Does it count if I tell you that my best Valentines story to date is that my daughter got married a week ago on Valentines day in Elvis!

  4. Totally loving your design! I haven't come up with one yet. And your photos are super!
    My best Valentines: the year we got married, I made dinner and had champagne in our new flutes, and the biggest floral arrangement was delivered to my door late that night.
    My worst Valentines: the year after we got married. No card. No romantic kiss. Nothing. After the year before I thought that might be something to expect. Nope. And then I met up with the mother of our best man in the bologna aisle at the grocery store where I started sobbing the moment that she asked me how my first Valentine's day was as a married lady. Not the right person to lose it with...that night we were due at their house and she let my husband have it! I don't think he ever forgot that because I now get a bouquet of roses almost every Valentine's day even though I tell him that he doesn't need to do that. And my roses are still going strong!
    No need to enter me in your giveaway, since I am on the team.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. my worst valentines day was getting a call from the florist wanting to know the correct address to send flowers to the "other woman" that really best was giving birth to my son, all though he hates having valentines day as his birthday, he is my forever valentine!

  6. My bday is on the 12th of Feb. so with my significant others it was always a 2 4 1 deal, but my only Uncle was born on Valentine's Day & he was the best Uncle ever, we were best buds, we lost him much too early he was only 52. Every Valentine's Day i still buy him a card & put in my scrapbook of things he has given to me over the years and that helps me to feel close to him on his special day "Valentine's Day" :)

  7. I' sorry i was so caught up in my story i forgot to mention the necklace it is abso wonderful your designs are what brought me to blogging i saw your creations in Bead Star & had to check out more of your things & it has lead me here to this wonderful,creative blogging family thank-you Denise :)

  8. Best/worst? you be the judge. I got a bathtub as a gift for Valentine's one year. We were redoing the bathroom and my husband came home yelling I got you a tub, I got you a tub. He was so proud that I didn't even ask where's my card, flowers or chocolates, lol.
    Love this necklace!

  9. Love the necklace, the red is so vivid against the browns and Melanie's beads.
    Now for my Valentine story, my husband and I have been married for 31 years, and he never was one for flowers, but I do get my share of chocolates. No kids, so we do spend a lot of time with each other, including car pooling to work, where I have his undivided attention to and from work. We have always had two boxers at home, though over the 31 years, we have also said good byes to many of our furry kids. Sometimes I have to drive myself to work because of meetings, etc. and one of us has to be somewhere else. Since I do not like driving alone, one year he got me this huge life size seated boxer ( I am talking about the dog breed), with a collar that said Mikey (he is Mike), which gets buckled in and rides shot gun with me to work and back, so that I won't have to drive alone....

  10. Oh, what a beautiful necklace! I'm not usually a fan of the basic red heart, but you've done so much with it!
    As far as Valentine's day . . .
    My husband and I have spent the last few years renting a condo at the beach for the weekend of Valentine's Day. That's always the best. A few years back we made reservations for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Unfortunately, all they had were later times. There was a set menu. By the time we got there to eat, they were OUT of so many of the choices we were quite limited. I was disappointed. Of course, that might not have been the WORST V-Day for me, there were plenty of those in Middle and High School when all my friends were paired up and I was lonely.
    This past weekend Pat and I made another trip to the beach and we had a fantastic weekend spending time outside, having drinks, eating out. Again, it may not have been the BEST but it was lovely, simple, US.

  11. Lovely necklace! All the elements work so well together.
    My worst Valentines Day was in high school. I was walking down the hallway and a boy I worked with...that I didn't like...made a big show of giving me a heart shaped box of chocolates. It was very embarrassing since I had to be polite and accept them in front of everyone including the boy I actually fancied myself in love with at the time.

  12. FABULOUS Necklace. My two favorite elements - Locks and Hearts.
    My story - my husband and I were married on Valentine's Day 34 years ago. On our 6th anniverasary, we went to the coast and rented a cabin. When we walked into the office to register, there was a huge pot of blooming hyacinths (my favorite) sitting on the desk. I plunged my nose into them and breathed in the scent that reminded me of spring days with my grandma. Yum! After we registered, I walked out of the office ahead of my husband. In the parking lot, I turned around and there he was, carrying the massive pot of hyacinths. My eyes got huge and I said, "Oh my God, Put that back!" He turned it around to show a florist's card with my name on it. He had ordered it to be waiting for me when we got there. We laughed about it, and then in a tiny voice he said "Did you really think I had stolen it?" I assured him that I knew he loved me so much that I thought his good sense had momentarily been overcome. That made him happy and we had a great holiday and our daughter was concieved that week-end!

  13. My, what a wonderful piece you've constructed. It's both whimsical and gritty. I love it.
    My worst Valentine's Day? My boyfriend and I had broken up about a week before. We had dated a very long time (years) and I was heartbroken. Then on Valentine's Day, my grandfather died. Somehow, one of my girlfriends heard about my grandfather's passing, and called my ex-boyfriend to let him know. He called me immediately, and told me how sorry he was. Then, at the end of our conversation he said,very tentatively, " Valentine's Day." It took every ounce of my self control to not say, "Yeaahhh, RIIIGHT!" Anyway, that was a pretty crummy Valentine's Day, but I've had many sweet ones since then, so all is well. Ha!

  14. My best Valentines Day was: I had a very good friend (a guy Jeff) in my high school years,we spent all are free time together.. When he finished high school he went into the Army.. I didn't talk to him at all during this time. But one day before Valentines Day his father called me and asked if I was going to be home the next morning, I said yes, and he said he was going to stop by ( I didn't think much of it cause I was friends with his parents too) The next day he came, when I went to the door he handed me a box and told me this was from his son.. He left right away, so I opened the box and there was 18 long stem roses, and a card to my best friend. I was in tears with joy because I never received flowers before and he knew that.. I did not get to talk to him until he came home for xmas. Later that year my worst happened, I got a phone call that my best friend (Jeff) was killed in a motorcycle accident. I never got to see him again.. But I will always remember him.....

  15. I love this necklace even though V-day is over...hearts are in style any time! I will tell my best Valentine's story since it is fresh in my husband bought be a metalworking cold connections class for Valentine's Day this year, and it was the best present yet! Even better than Godiva Truffles, but I won't lie, I had to buy myself some because they are the bomb! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  16. That's a gorgeous necklace!

    This year I had my BEST Valentine's Day because my husband bought me a vintage typewriter I'd been looking for forever -- but I kept balking at the price, and I wanted one in mint condition so I could actually use it. And it's PINK!

    Here it is, if you're interested....

    pink typewriter

  17. What a fabulous necklce!! Valentine's day, or Valentine's week as come to hold a good deal of significance for me. My best Valentine's Day ever was this year,2011. This best ever Valentine's Day was preceeded by a good deal of anxiety and stress. My story begins 2 years ago,on Valentine's day 2009. I spent the evening @ the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital trying not to give birth to my premature and tiny baby.I managed to hold on to her until Feb. 16th, and then it was just time. After all the worry and anxiety of a difficult pregnancy,she came out perfect. Perfect moments can be fleeting,and life can change so quickly. 12 months later, February 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and we celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday a little early, we celebrated on Valentine's Day. On her actual birthday, I was due to have a bilateral mastectomy and wouldn't get to see her that day. So we spent Valentine's Day @ the Rain Forest Cafe in Burlington, MA. The kids had fun, but I have to admit, I felt very sorry for myself that day.I didn't know the extent of my problem, and it was very hard to put bad thoughts out of my mind. This must be a magical time of year for me though, I had an aggressive form of cancer, but it had not spread to my lymph nodes. Fast forward 12 months to Valentine's Day 2011...the cancer is gone, my hair is growing back, and my husband, three daughters and I survived the ordeal. As we ate our pancakes @ our Valentine breakfast, and read our handmade cards, I felt an incredible rush of love, happiness and gratitude. I've spent Valentine's day In Tokyo and in a very romantic restaurant in Salzburg, Austria, but that morning @ our breakfast table beat everything. This was a perfect moment and I know I'll have it forever to sustain me in any future life challenges.

  18. What a beautiful necklace! I'll share my favorite Valentine's story in hopes of being the proud owner of this hearty treasure.

    23 years ago this past Valentine's Day, my sweet husband asked me to marry him. We went to a little Italian restaurant down in the heart of Austin, Texas (which happens to still be there!). Even with reservations, we had to wait a while for a table. The place was PACKED and LOUD....even though the lights were dim and the candles glowing. We had a delightful and tasty meal. I noticed that my husband kept filling up his wine glass about every time he took a drink from the glass. He was not his normal, relaxed self. At the end of dinner, he excused himself to go to the restroom. When he came back, he was a man on a mission. It was as if he had gone in the restroom, thrown water on his face, practiced his proposal in the mirror one last time, and marched out to "do the deed". We had never talked about getting married so this was a complete surprise! At the moment he had presented me with my ring, the traveling Italian singers and accordion player came to our table. The singing and the music was so loud that I wanted to shoo them away because they were bursting into my moment. But I was so stunned that for one of the few times in my life, I was speechless. We've been married 23 years and have been blessed with a beautiful and creative 19 year old daughter. As Phoebe said about Ross and Rachel......."she's found her lobster"! I am truly blessed to have found my soul mate. I can't imagine a Valentine's Day without him.

  19. Totally love the design of this necklace and hearts are my favorite!! Our twins were born on Feb. 12th (right before midnight) and Feb. 13th (right after midnight) and we got to bring them home on Valentine's Day....10 years ago. :o)

  20. I am in awe of this gorgeous necklace! I adore it! Thank you for sharing!

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