Antique Tuesday - Victorian

Combo Jewelry

This week for Antique Tuesday I am featuring Victorian combination pendant/brooch jewelry.   

Circa 1880 - Retail Value $5,058

The 1880 Griffin brooch/pendant above shows how the clasp actually unscrews to transform into a pendant.  

Circa 1890 - Retail Value $2,862

In this Victorian diamond rose cut piece the bale folds up to be worn as a pendant or down for a brooch.

Circa 1850 - Retail Value $7,920

Thanks to a discreet placed system in the back, the parts that enable this jewel to be worn as a brooch or pendant can be easily switched.

Once again, I would like to thank Adin Fine Antique Jewelry for use of their photos and information.  Please visit their site for more examples. 


  1. Multi-tasking jewelry is my favorite kind! I think it was very forward thinking of jewelry designers of old to make those accommodations. I love that. Thanks for sharing these beautiful examples, Denise!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I love to watch Victorian collection of everything fashion dress and jewelery. It provides wide range of fashion. Thanks a lot for sharing. Funeral cremation urns

  3. I love this concept! I've seen lots of brooches on Etsy but I don't wear brooches very often. This type of design would allow me to mix and match! What an ingenious idea!


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