Very Random - Dangles and Ducks

I can't believe it is already February 16th! Where has the time gone? I have been super busy with the kids (school, baseball, etc). Trying to fit in enough time to design jewelry, take pictures, upload items to Etsy and write blog posts is a full time job. So today I decided to title my post "Very Random". No specific theme today.

I love these Circa 1899 earrings I bought off of Ebay last year. They are very elegant and romantic. Speaking of Ebay, hasn't this site just killed the "Mom and Pop" antique stores? Nothing to me is more enjoyable than going antiquing! Being able to hold a item and examine it first hand is so much more exciting than looking at a picture on a website. For this reason, it is hard for me to buy beads off a website.

The first week of March is rapidly approaching! This is an exciting time at the Moore family household. It marks the return of my two wild Mallard ducks. For the past three years two Mallards have adopted our house from March until late August. This is a strange event because we do not have a pool. Each year I stock up on the bird food (my ducks do not like fowl food i.e., corn meal) and enjoy my ducks sitting under the tree in our front yard! I know, I'm a geek!


  1. How do your dogs deal with the ducks?

  2. Hey Erin -
    The ducks sit in the front yard. The dogs stay in the backyard. The two shall never meet!

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