Green with Envy

I have always drawn to earth tone shades. Green is my favorite color. I probably have more shades of green beads in my stash than any other color. This year with my Beadstar winnings, I decided to purchase books on color theory. Margie Deeb has a fabulous book called "The Beader's Guide to Color". It is a fun and informative read! I laughed last night when I read about the color "green". Margie says "It is the easiest and most restful color to view." No wonder I am always drawn to that color! For more information check out Margie's web site She has a great free color column called Margie's Muse.


  1. Love the name. Looking forward to more.

  2. A lot of my designs use green too. Hmmm . . . I wonder if that's why the spring issue of Stringing is always my favorite one to design for?

  3. Love the blog. You never cease to amaze me. Green is a soothing color.

  4. hmmm, those hearts look familiar...nice job, D. I love green too. You can use it with any other color.


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