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Pretty Palettes May Reveal

Pretty Palettes May Reveal Time for the "Pretty Palettes" reveal!  Erin Prais-Hintz color palette for the month of May was inspired bythis beautiful Scandinavian fabric design with a fun mix of neutrals and a pop of reddish-orange. It is from a company called Almedahls that was produced originally in the 1950s.

I think my biggest challenge as a designer is mixing colors.  When I create a design for "Pretty Palettes" I am inspired by the the colors of the palette, not the actual photo.  Personally I do not look at photo and think "modern, romantic, etc" for me it is all about the color.  I know I can create any style of jewelry.  I would rather flex my color muscles. 

This was a challenging palette for me.  I have to admit, the first necklace I created made me cringe (and it is not pictured).  So I went to my bead stash grabbing black and orange hued beads with gold chain. 

Below is my design...

The necklace is modeled by the beautiful Samantha.  

I am a…