Friday, April 30, 2010

Bead Star Deadline Extended

Good Morning everyone.  It is the last day of May, the deadline for entries into the "Bead Star" competition.  I received a couple of emails this morning stating that "The deadline has been extended to May 10".  This has created much controversy in the beading world.  Why would they extend the deadline 10 days?  Did they not get enough entries to have a competitive competition?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.  I finished my entries 3 weeks ago.  I am proud of what I created, so I am not worried about the extra ten days. The downside for me is wondering if  voting will be pushed out another 10 days?  Let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bead Star Deadline is Looming

The deadline to enter Interweave’s annual “Bead Star” competition is midnight EST on April 30.
The “Bead Star” contest is conducted once a year. The editors of Bead Star, Beadwork, Stringing and Step by Step Wire select the top 20 finalist in 9 categories. These categories include: Crystals, Seed Beads, Glass, Pearls, Stones, Metals, Plastics, Under $25 and Designs With Heart. The top 20 finalist in each category will be posted on from May 19 – June 9. You will be given the opportunity to vote for your favorites during this time. The 5 entries in each category that receive the top votes will be featured in “Bead Star” 2010 magazine. This issue will hit the newsstand in December.

This year, I have submitted designs for all 9 categories. I will not know which, if any, designs have made the top 20 until the voting begins on May 19. Below are my designs featured in “Bead Star” 2009.

“Keys To My Heart” won 1st place last year in the “Designs With Heart” category. I love to design with pearls. I have been fascinated with the delicate gems since I was a child. When designing this piece, I wanted to create a statement piece of jewelry. A necklace that could be worn by both mother and daughter.

“Demi Marie” named after my St. Bernard, won 3rd place in the “Pearls” category. I know that it seems strange to name a necklace after a dog, but Demi is elegant, beautiful and brings great joy into my life. If Demi were human, I could see her wearing this necklace.

The last category is “Crystals”. “Serene Irene” won honorable mention. This necklace was named after my fabulous sister-in-law “Irene”. She loves to wear my crystal creations. The centerpiece is a vintage Czech glass and brass pendant circa 1930. Usually I do not cut or alter the back of an antique pin. This dramatically reduces the value of the pin. In this instance, the clasp was already broken, so I used the pin component as a head pin.

Although I cannot reveal my 2010 designs, I can tell you that 8 are brass and 1 is silver. My main goal this year was to push myself out of my comfort zone and design for all 9 categories. Is anyone else entering the “Bead Star” contest this year? If so, what categories are you entering? I would love to hear your stories!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vintaj Spring Auction Project - Finished

I finally finished the children's "Spring Auction Project". The Vintaj Natural Brass works of art were professionally framed at Micheal's Craft Store. I have never used Micheal's to have anything framed, but they did a fabulous job and were tremendously cheaper than the shop I used last year. I highly recommended them for your framing needs. I am extremely proud of the work the children created. Hopefully, it will raise a lot of money for the school.

Last year, we created a framed sterling silver work of art using Art Clay Silver. The children stamped there favorite Saint medal into the clay. I then took the coins home and fired them. I wish I had a picture of the project. I will check around school to see if anyone happened to photograph it.

Let me know what you think of the finished project. Is there any square that is your favorite? Mine of course is my son Garrett's. His square is stamped with "Jesus" and "Baseball".

On another note, the winner of the blog give-a-away was Michelle Heim. Michelle lives in Wisconsin and owns Beadalotta Bead store. If you live in the area drop in and say "Hi".

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Ever - Giveaway!!

When designing, I am inspired by the beads and materials I hold in my hands. I came across these fabulous silk sarong cording reams and feel in love. The colors are vibrant and look spectacular with Vintaj Natural Brass. I decided today to go back and purchase 2 reams of the silk for my first ever "Giveaway". The first ream of silk has about 1/2" wide strips and the second is rolled into a cord. The reams consist of various strips that are pieced together. When cut, they are the perfect length to make a necklace and bracelet. There are many beautiful colors to accent your beading design perfectly.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what inspires you.

The bracelet and earrings picture in the blog are NOT part of the "Giveaway". They are there for inspiration. You will receive the 2 reams of silk pictured in this blog.

I will pick a winner next Friday, April 16th. I will be using to make the selection. Good luck and I hope you love the silks as much as I do.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Jewelry Affaire Hits The Newsstand!

The premiere issue of "Jewelry Affaire" has just hit the newsstands. Beth Livesay, Managing Editor and her staff did an outstanding job. The magazine is beautiful, inspiring and looks so good you can leave it on your coffee table! This issue is packed full of extraordinary designs. The departments include 1) Vintage Jubilee - For lovers of heirlooms and findings, celebrate with classics that make time stand still. 2) Atistic Affaire - Innovative to wear and uncomplicated to share. 3) Minimal Minglings - This collection require minimal method and materials for effortless wear. 4) Black Tie Affaire - Dripping with jewels, pearls and other sumptuous materials, these sophisticated statement pieces can make every day feel like an occasion. 5) Whimsical Wares - Jewelry that is out of the ordinary and extraordinary. 6) Everyday Jewelry - Wear these gems any place, anytime, anywhere. 7) In The Jewelry Box - Their gallery of offerings. There are three feature articles 1) Eninaj Leather Works - Leather necklaces created from laser cutting, etching and computer-aided designs. 2) Magdalinen - Crocheted linen thread and glass necklaces. 3) Marked Metal - Whimsical wires and marked metal necklaces.

I have three articles in this issue. The first is located in "Vintage Jubilee" it is entitled "An Affaire to Remember". The article features seven of my "Wedding/Special Occasion" jewelry. I created each necklaces using vintage brooches which include Eisenberg (my personal favorite), Weiss and Kramer. The photography is to stunning. My second article is also featured in "Vintage Jubillee". It is entitled "My Muse Melissa" (named after my cousin Melissa Yezbak Kovacs). In this design I use vintage Czech glass beads, Vintaj Natural Brass, crystals and coral. The third article is in "Everyday Jewelry". It is entitled Fashionable Folklore. I had a great time writing this article and researching the folklore that surrounds earrings. The two earring designs feature Vintaj Natural Brass. They are easy and fun to make.

I hope everyone picks up a copy of this premiere issue. "Jewelry Affaire" is published twice a year. All Stampington and Companies magazine are amazing and visually inspiring. They are located in Laguna Niguel, Ca. I am excited about meeting Beth in Mid April.
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